Welcome to Sotarverktyg AB 

Sotarverktyg AB is a company with long experience in the manufacture of tools for the chimney sweeps and ventilationcleaning business.We are a family company in Sandviken, 20 kilometers from Gävle and 150 kilometers from Arlanda. We market products for chimneysweeping, cleaning the ventilation and plumbing.

We manufacture nylonbrushes, steel bristel brushes, wires, shaft and fluebrushes for relining and ventilationcleaning. All manufacturing is done by hand which gives as superior quality. We also sell vaccumcleaners and dust traps. We can also design and manufacture special tools precisely to your needs. Do You have any questions or concerns, we are at your disposal with competence.


Brushes and Wires

90 % of the brushes we sell are made from nylon or steel bristle.


Art nr 60 8009

Used for most general claning in circular ducts.
Dim 80-1250+mm

Rectangular brush-nylon

Art nr 60 8030
Used for most general cleaning in recangular ducs.
Dim 100-1000+mm

Steel Bristle Brusch

Art nr 60 8029
Used for removal of hardened deposits in kitchen an process extract ducting.
Steel bristle brushes are increasingly and successfully being used to remove hardened deposits (including fatt ones) from the inside walls of extract ducting. Whereas the standard steel bristle brush ( above) has bristles 0,2 mm thick and 2 mm wide , we supply steel bristele brushes right up to 0,65 mm bristle thickness / 3mm width. 

Brushes for Kitchen Extract ducting 

Kitchen Extract Gray Art nr 6041 080
Nylon coated wire (3mm)

Kitchen Extract Red Art nr 6042 080
Nylon coated wire (5mm)


Art nr 6040 080
The ragbrush is a nylon brush intertwined with cotton rag. It is used for the application of chemicals / detergents into kitchen extract ducting and the subsequent drying off of same.


Our most popular cables are the 7mm dia (for example 10 meters art nr 3020 010) - 6mm dia (for example 5meters art nr 3019 005) - 3,8mm dia.(for example 8meters art nr 3012 008)
With these cables You can clean short and long lengths of ducts fom the smallest to the largest dimensions.

The properties of our cables reflect their intended uses:

The 7mm dia(3020 XXX) : Used in ducts from 200mm upwards.
This cable is the most widely used of the three types and covers most duct types and sizes whether circular, square or rectangular and whether straight or with bends.
In respect of rectangular ducts please also see notes on the 3,8mm cable.

The 6mm dia(3019 XXX): Used in ducts p to 200mm
This cable is more supple than the 7mm an thus more suitable for use in smaller ducts with bends.

The 3,8mm dia(3012 XXX): Used in larger rectangular ducts. This single steel-strand cable is lighter and more rigid than the 7mm and therefore gives better control in larger rectangular ducts, where clockwise / anti-clockwise roation is required in order to clean the whole width of the duct. On the other hand,it should not be used in ducts with (sharp) bends. Also used in big-dimension circular ducts, where the (lesser) weight of this cable makes ite relatively more easy to keep big brushes centred in the duct.

How to get the most out of your cables:

1. Always use the correct cable for the size/type of duct. If in doubt see above or consult us.

2. Always us the the correct size/type of brush and change brush when the duct size/type changes. 

3. When inserting a cable into the duct, make sure it is well positioned in the direction of the duct and that it works effortlessly. If any problem is experienced stop the brushing immediately.

Compressed Air 
Duct cleaning Systems

Pro ventricleaner
Art nr  1021 000
Is fitted with 40 and 0,01 micron filters, 50m cleaning hose 1/2 in., 2 cleaning nozzle heads, 2 couplings for ancillar air tools, foot pedal controlled valve, galvanized steel reel.
Method: The compressed air drives the cleaning nozzle head forward in the duct. By manipulating the cleaning hose, the operator can direct the cleaning head where he wants it to go, for instace into a branch duct. The same system works in a wide range of circular, square and rectangular duct sizes.
The ventricleaner is powered by compressed air from a compressor suppling 5,5m/min at 8 bar.
Extras for the Pro Ventricleaner 

Art nr  5031 002

Cleaning head
Art nr  1022 101

Brush spray kamera system
Art nr 3026 005
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